Australian Survivor Recap: Episode 25

Well this is new. The episode kicks off not at camp, but right at what seems like a challenge. But not really. There’s no actual challenge. Just a reward! Now wouldn’t it be nice if life was like that? For the first time on the Aussie version (I’m pretty sure) the players’ families are HERE to visit them! And not just one loved one per person either! Tara’s kids and hubby are there, Pete’s parents, Michelle’s sister and Jericho’s brother.

I have to say, family visit episodes are the best episodes of Survivor of all time and I always get so emotional. And seeing the people we’ve seen playing the game let their guard down and truly be themselves and bask in unconditional love and support is pretty delightful. Obviously seeing Tara with her kids and hubby is the prime example. She is straight-up glowing and giddy. It is so cute. Meanwhile Jericho and his brother scheming by the well is another familiar sight. I love when the loved ones wanna be in on it too and provide clarity for their siblings/spouses/kids/friends/whatever. A prime example was Lisa Whelchel on Survivor Philippines. She was being lovely and angsting over betraying her alliances and then when her bro came to visit he was straight up real with her like “bitch it doesn’t count out here, just get it done” and then she was laser-focused. It’s a powerful thing this family visit! But I digress. Michelle and her sister catch up, have a cry, gossip about the game. The usual sister bonding. And Peter and his dad. Oh my god. Peter and his dad. Okay, and mum. It was a bit emotional seeing them go and experience what he’s going through, respect the hardships and see him in another light. It was awesome. I’m so glad Peter got that with his dad.

But all good things must come to an end, and the fams have to leave. And now the final 4 must fight to the death. I mean immunity.

Immunity Challenge

Ahhhh I missed a lot of the explanation of this one but I think it involves a canoe (WATER CHALLENGE), a bucket, a balance beam, some ropes, and a puzzle i.e. it’s a doozy. I miss these big challenges! They all manage their canoes pretty well and then have to fill a large tall tank with water using a single bucket to float a key to the top. I love these types of challenges because anyone can nail it. Jericho is first to retrieve his key with Peter close behind and they both swim back to shore. Unfortunately Peter goes in a few different directions and this costs him some valuable time. When Jericho makes it to the rope/balance beam combo and Peter gets to shore, Michelle finally starts swimming. Tara still doesn’t have her key.

Obviously Jericho is now the challenge beast to beat, but even he struggles when he has to do the ring toss. Peter is exhausted but catches up to him and closes a big lead. As do Michelle and Tara! Now they are all at the same place! And of course, puzzles are the great equaliser so it may ruin everything for Jericho. OMG Tara is up to the puzzle now with Jericho! Okay and now they all are. Lots of drama during this challenge because they all keep catching up to each other – which makes for a great one, obvs.

I also just want to take a moment here and apologise for anything I write here or say to anybody by the end of this episode – I haven’t eaten yet today and the hanger is real. I didn’t mean it. Any of it.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Peter is about to finish the puzzle when he realises he is missing a piece. He finds it quickly though, and he wins immunity! Yaaaay Peter! This will make for a good story at the final Tribal (if he makes it to the top 2) in terms of defending his goat status. WHICH by the way, he should only play up incessantly until he gets his ass to the final 2 and THEN flip the script and talk strategy (a la Kristie), but what do I know? While Peter’s win makes me very happy, it also makes me very nervous for Jericho. They would all be nuts to keep him there right? Like I want him to win, but the smartest move is to vote his ass out. Especially for Pete. Like, Jericho totally threw him under the bus last night an voted his mate Tess out of the jury. Pete would be more than justified in booting him. Shit, it’s what I would do. But he’s still playing them all against each other and trying to be shady about voting Jericho out. I have no idea why. Just tell them who to vote out mate!

But Jericho is going down swinging. He tries to manipulate Michelle into voting with him but she is not having it because she feels like she is being told what to do and it turns rather feisty. Tara intervenes and goes for a walk with Jericho instead and spills the teeeeaaaaa. She tells him Pete is angling for him (duh) and that Michelle is on board (duh duh). So what can they do? Split the votes?? Can Jericho swing this? COULD YOU IMAGINE? A fire challenge in the final 4?! Could they? Would they?! Probs not. Tara never comes through in the end with these kinda risky moves but if she does, all is forgiven. The whole season. We are good. Then she and Jericho will be tight going into the final 3 together and they can battle Pete!

Tribal Council

The jury is preeeeeetty shocked to see Peter with the necklace round his neck and also…excited because OMG WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN NOW THAT THE EASY VOTE IS SAFE? Jericho is selling to the jury alreadyyyy and is pretty much like “I will not let Peter decide my fate because of a single necklace, who made him god?” and basically says that anyone who is too scared to go to a tiebreak and do a fire-making challenge doesn’t deserve to be in the final 3. It is a fucking masterful performance. The jury (especially Luke and Locky) are loving ittttt. Michelle is like “nah nah nah it’s about weighing up the best option to win, take it easy, calm down” and Jericho won’t even let her have that. He is going down swinging, or he is getting a phenomenal winner’s edit and carefully choosing every word for his big finale. He is so composed. His words so considered. Every moment feels like A Moment, you know? This is all so brilliant but it has to be redundant right? Surely Tara won’t be silly enough to vote with Jericho? She can’t win against him at the end.

Time to vote.

Time to read the votes.

I feel sick. I think it’s Jericho. My heart is sinking.

Jericho. Michelle. Jericho. Michelle! OMGGGGGG! This is amazing. Tara you’re the best.

Re-vote time!

Jericho. Michelle. Jericho. Michelle. Holy fucking shit. This is insane. It’s time for a fire-making challenge. I can’t believe I just typed that. I am losing my shit. Also maybe Tara is actually really smart – sure, she can’t win against Jericho in the final 2, but she was never in trouble tonight anyway. If she voted with Pete and Michelle, she would have gone through to final 3 regardless. But if Jericho now wins the fire-making challenge, she goes in to the final 3 with a tight buddy and it’s 2-against-1, giving them better odds to get to the 2. Okay. I get why she did it. I’m still shocked, but I get it.


There’s not much to describe here other than some fire-making stuff. Michelle actually looks like she knows what she’s doing a bit more than Jerry at first. She’s making solid sparks while he furiously rubs the flint back and forth but in a flash, he gets a flame first! AHHHH! He needs to build up from the husk ASAP now though. And even though it looks like it’s about to go out, he blows hard and brings it back to its full height! (I mean…you do what you gotta do. We’ve all been there.)



Image: Tenplay