Week That Was (Sept 30 – Oct 6)

Full disclosure – I totally forgot about wrapping up the week this week. When I wracked my brain to update y’all on the big pop culture news that happened, I realised no big pop culture news happened. A tragedy happened, and America still has guns. I guessed they missed the memo that banning guns tends to end mass shootings and murder. Then again, if Sandy Hook didn’t change anything in the US, nothing will.

But I’m just here for the celebs. Eh. But really, we all need our bright shining lights of joy to get through the day, and celeb gossip is mine.

Okay, so this one didn’t exactly bring ~joy~ but I did learn that Jim Fucking Parsons is the richest man on TV. Fucking Sheldon is rakinggggg it innnnnn. And is followed by the entire cast of Big Bang Theory. WHAT THE HELL. This makes me unreasonably mad. But you know what makes me unmad? That the richest person on TV right now overall is a woman. GET THAT COIN SOFIA VERGARA! In addition to her Modern Family money, Sofia is making bank through a myriad endorsements including but not limited to Head and Shoulders, Pepsi and CoverGirl. Like the RuPaul song. Following behind Sofia was Kaley Cuoco (seriously why is this dumb show such a thing?! I have watched it, I have willed myself to open my mind to it and YET. Not a single giggle.), and then Ellen Pompeo and Mindy Kaling so that’s not random at all. I’m kidding – Mindy is making Disney money now, it sure as hell ain’t Hulu that’s bringing in the big bucks.

Um in case you were living under a rock, Sex and the City 3 is now officially canned forevermore because one Miss Kim Cattrall refused to come back for it. To which I say, thank god. The first movie was awful, the second one was a travesty and the third would have just shat all over a remaining dead pile of rubble of what was once an entertaining (though in hindsight, vastly problematic), show. She had to fucking throw condoms and yell “Lawrence of my labia!” in the last film, so I am totally #teamcattrall here. NOBODY WAS ASKING FOR THIS MOVIE. Other than the other cast members who needed a cheque. That being said – I would NOT be surprised if in a year it is revived and this was all for PR purposes to drum up as much interest as possible (read: any).

Sam Smith made me interested in him again when he was papped mackin’ on with cutie Brandon Flynn in NYC. Who? I know right. He’s the cutie jock from 13 Reasons Why, which makes me love this all even more. ALSO after getting stuck in a click-through hole, I read that old mate Sam Smith is only 25 years old! 25! Which means he was 23 when he won his Oscar (as the “first openly gay man” to do so…ugh that annoyed me again, maybe I don’t like him again…) which is nevertheless very impressive. And that’s all I have to say about Sam Smith and Brandon Flynn. Goodbye.

Not really! Beyoncé did things this week! She released a song the proceeds from which will go to the people in Puerto Rico and other places who so desperately need it (on top of all the other initiatives she is doing on beyonce.com), she went to dinner and her sister’s (apparently amazing) concert, she sold some places and she bought some places. She’s been bizzay. I love her. And also looking at pics of celebrity real estate is the best.

Will and Grace came back. I did not laugh once. I was devastated. The canned laughing track in particular killed my life, not to mention the overly self-referential jokes throughout. And the Trump thing. It was a dumb episode. I haven’t seen #2 yet so I’m still hopeful… ALSO I fucking loved Vince. I hated the finale of W&G so I’m happy with pretty much scrapping alllll that, but I loved Vince. Did we really have to axe Bobby Cannavale? He and Will were adorable together goddammit.

One of my favourites, Yara Shahidi, interviewed and wrote a profile on one of my other favourites, Zendaya in Glamour mag. And it was my favourite read of the week. You go read now too! Also this reminds me – black-ish is back this week!!!!

And finally, the other best part of my week (I really needed it) – the trailer for The Trixie and Katya Show is finally heeeeere! Which made up for no new episode of UNHhhh…I am cautiously optimistic for this show, but I just can’t see how the magic and irreverence of the YouTube series could possibly be captured as effectively in a tv-series format. Like, it will still be amazing and great and wonderful, but it will be so different that it won’t really be replacing my favourite thing to watch every week of all time ever. So that’s sad. But also TRIXIE MATTEL AND KATYA ZAMOLODCHIKOVA HAVE THEIR OWN GODDAMN TV SHOW! I didn’t even have to Google how to spell her name btw. That’s love.

So that’s this weirdo week done with! Go forth into the weekend and make social niceties and chit chat!

Images: NewNowNext, Twist, Pinterest