Australian Survivor Recap: Episode 22

Well last week, Australia’s collective heart was SHATTERED INTO A MILLION PIECES when Luke was sent to the Jury Villa. Poor Jericho is maybe more cut up than all of us combined, as Luke was of course his #1 ride or die homie. Will Jericho now step up and win this for the both of them? He’s gotten through without too much drama so far because Luke mostly takes the heat and Jericho is the straight-up nice guy, but this is his chance to go big. And he is definitely planning to let loose. He’s already back at camp telling Locky everything about Tara’s shady shenanigans. Who knows if that will be enough for Locky to finally cut all ties with her.

Also – everyone who voted for Luke can get stuffed about feeling bad for voting him out. They’ve ruined this for all of us. Now they have to suffer by not having him around!

Honestly, now that the stakes aren’t so high for me personally, it’s hard to keep following along with who is now aligned with who. Also, because it’s not very fucking clear who is voting with who. Locky is trying to swing Jericho, Tara is trying to get Locky back, Jericho wants Locky out, Michelle wants to play with Locky but not be told what to do…etc. ad nauseum. The common thread here is lots of talk of Locky. Either he’s about to win Immunity again or be voted out. Right? And then if he does win it, it’s gotta be Ziggy. Not because I want her gone but because she is as much of a challenge threat as Locky.

Now excuse me while I go bake my apple crumble, I’m also a domestic goddess.

Immunity Challenge

Okay now that’s in the oven I can focus again. In this challenge, it’s another endurance one (they’re back) and it involves spinning a ball in a circular track. No joke, the challenge is just keeping their balls spinning. As you do. So pretty quickly, Michelle, Tara and Ziggy all drop out. This leaves Pete and Jericho to try and defeat Locky. It would be so sweet if it was Jericho who stepped up to take Locky out but alas, he drops out and it’s down to Pete. COME ON PETE. Did I also mention they are doing this in torrential downpour? Unfortunately for the tribe, Pete cannot pull through on this one and he drops his ball. Locky wins again. Locky is safe again. Locky is staying again. Goddammit.

So now that he’s not an option, the scooby gang need a plan B. Jericho, Pete and Michelle want to target Ziggy. But they need to convince Tara and she is like “nope” because Ziggy is the only one who can battle against Locky in a challenge. But it’s also coz they are aligned, what with the crack addiction they now share (lolly stash!). So will they vote for Michelle and force a tie? (I can’t remember if the Aussie version goes to drawing rocks?!) (Oh yep Locky just said that) (Great, I am paying attention)

IMAGINE IF THEY GO TO DRAWING ROCKS. Damn. Bring on Tribal Council and put on a show for Lukey folks! However. As Tara rightfully points out, if they draw rocks and Ziggy goes home, she will immediately be on the outs herself tomorrow. Is it worth the risk? I say it’s definitely not worth the risk of going to rocks at this stage when there are so few people left, BUT WHAT DO I KNOW?

Tribal Council

Hmm has this been a crazy quick ep? Are we leading up to a crazy TC? I sure hope so! OH LOOK THERE’S LUKE BEING HILARIOUS, HEY LUKE! So far, not so crazy. We once again establish that there is a very even split down the middle of the tribe and nobody is apparently budging. Michelle spills ALL the T and straight up says that her team is voting for Ziggy. So that’s fun. JLP explains to them that if they vote and re-vote and they are still deadlocked, Locky, Ziggy and the third person who has been voted for will be immune to drawing rocks. Which is insane. They once again try and get Tara on board with them, but she is terrified that she’s leaving tomorrow because they’ll turn to her next. Thing is – this isn’t like dealing with a mammoth alliance where you will be easily picked off, this is down to the pointy end and as you can see, it changes daily. Tara’s fate is not written in stone if she votes for Ziggy. She is then part of a solid 4 and they have one more person as an extra vote who could form a new 3 with 2 of those people. Does that make sense? It does to me! And that’s all that matters.

Let’s vote!

Let’s read the votes!

Ziggy. Michelle. Ziggy. Michelle. Ziggy. Ziggy.

Honestly, that was the best move even though I’m a bit devvo coz I like Ziggy. It would’ve been insanity to go to rocks! Okay, now I’m definitely 100% behind Jericho to win. GO BUDDY!