Australian Survivor Recap: Episode 20

So we left off with a win for the #BeerAlliance I guess, with Tessa being booted last night and the #ChampagneAlliance definitely, um, being spilt. Alas, Michelle was not in on the plan so tonight I anticipate very fiery fireworks from old mate. She is NOT gonna be happy and WON’T be afraid to let her old alliance know.

Following Tribal, the proverbial shit hit the fan. With 4 names up for elimination, everyone’s a little shooketh. When Michelle finds out who her alliance voted for, she is LIV-ID. Especially because she had just asked them all who they were voting for right before TC and they obviously flat-out lied to her. I guess it’s time for her to cut ties and run, right? There’s only 8 left, she may as well switch things up. In fairness, she’s right. If they got rid of one more rando not in their alliance, they would be in a legit majority now. But also…it’s a very fluid game. Tessa was a very fluid and smart player. A major threat is gone. Woo! Eh…Michelle is not there yet. She is just like “NO YOU BROKE A PROMISE WE ARE DONE” and that is her prerogative. And that’s all I’ll say about that. Lol probs not. Give it half an hour.

Meanwhile, even though Ziggy voted for Locky, he is still keen to work with her. Working with anyone from Sum Tribe is probs a safer bet than working with the tricksy Team Ass gang. So even though Pete doesn’t trust Locky as far as he can throw him (i.e. 3cm if Locky jumps and moves himself), they need to recruit him as well as Michelle to turn the tide on the cocky Asses.

Reward Challenge

Well this is an interesting one! The players are going to compete in groups of 4 in a game of CHARADES. FUNNNNNN! The prize is a bunch of KFC and fresh fruit and veggies? Aka the most random reward of all time. But they’re all salivating anyway. Time to charade it up. It’s an interesting version of a previous Survivor challenge (remembering a sequence of images of animals) and then acting them out for the person to guess. In sequence? Or one at a time? In sequence I think. It’s a bloody weird one. But Pete is SO into it and I reckon he’s killing it, just quietly. Michelle certainly thinks she knows what he’s doing. They are finished with their first sequence first and they get it! The next round is Locky acting out for Sarah and Michelle acting out for Jericho. I love love love Locky rolling on the ground in the mud like a pig more than anything else other than when his bum was on show for half a challenge. He also powers through all his animals, but Sarah doesn’t get them all right. Michelle and Jericho need to make up some time to come back for this point. And they do! So now Team Purple are up 2-0. Sarah and Luke are up next for Team Orange, and Jericho has a go at acting out while Tara guesses. This is a very hilarious challenge. I am feeling lots of joy. And MAN Jericho is damn good at charade-ing, Team Purple get their third point too easily. And finally, we get to see Luke acting out animals! And then the greatest moment happens when Tara acts out…an…octopous…instead of a butterfly? I am dying. Well done producers on the music choices. Finally, with Luke acting out the animals, Team Orange get their first point. And then they quickly get another one! And another! I am losing track. Oh, it’s 3-3. So it’s down to this final round. Sarah is acting out animals for Luke, and Jericho for Tara. It’s very bloody tense, they are neck-and-neck! Alas, Sarah had to go back for another look, giving Purple the chance to get it. But they are wrong. So then Orange has a crack! AND UNBELIEVABLY, THEY HAVE COME BACK FROM 3-0 TO TAKE IT OUT. They are absolutely giddy. Great work Locky, Luke, Sarah and Ziggy! Great win. They will be feasting on KFC.

Talk about great product placement. These guys are hamming. it. up. “It’s like a rainbow in my mouth. Even the salad is good!” is a bit much, but great for the sponsor. So well done Team Orange. Of course, at the reward, they all try and make a new alliance. I guess rewards make people feel so happy that they bond so hard to vote someone out. When they start talking names though, Sarah and Luke want Pete out but Locky and Ziggy want Jericho out. They’ll feel safer if they see Team Ass vote out one of their own. Of course, Luke doesn’t want Jericho out so he needs to redirect the chat. He doesn’t have to do much until Sarah throws Michelle’s name out there. Which…duh. Michelle hates her now. And she’s a loose canon. Soooo…fair enough. But I just don’t think Locky and Ziggy are gonna make it that easy for Team Ass. Sure enough, as soon as they get back to camp, Ziggy rushes to Tara and spills the tea. But they just don’t believe Luke and Sarah enough to go with them. Which opens the door for Michelle to swoop in and vote with them instead. Specifically, for Sarah.

Immunity Challenge

Ooooh this looks like a goody! There’s water! And big stuff in the water! It may actually be a non-endurance one! OMG. They are going to square off one-on-one in a log-rolling competition. The winner moves on to the next round. YAS. First up is Sarah vs Luke. They go for a pretty long time and then fall in and even though I reckon Sarah hits the water first, JLP makes them do it again. WHAT. That has never happened. This part goes quick as they launch right in, and Sarah hits the water first (again). Next up is Ziggy vs Peter. Peter gives it a good shot, but Ziggy bests him. Michelle vs Locky now and she looks scared as fuck. Rightly so. She falls while Locky just runs off to the other side, never even getting in the water. Jericho vs Tara which should be a bit more of an even match except not really. Jericho wins easily! For the 2nd round, Luke faces his bestie Jericho. Straight away, Luke is on the run and Jericho looks solid. Luke recovers though and it’s actually a really good match-up. They have each other on the edge and look like they are having so much fun but eventually Jericho drops out. Yay! Luke is going through to the finals against Locky or Ziggy. Ah, it shall be Locky. This will be gooood. And in case it wasn’t hard enough, it’ll be best of 3. Damn, JLP, ease up! Luke wins the first one and is thiiiiis close to immunity (again). Alas, Locky wins the next one. It comes down to this. And Locky wins out. What a good challenge! That’s two in one ep!

As has been building all episode, it’s definitely Sarah vs Michelle tonight. It’s up to the stray Sum Tribe to pick a side. And I doubt they’ll be going with the Team Ass alliance, just quietly.

Tribal Council

Soooooo it looks like it’s gonna be between Shady Sarah or Emotional Michelle. Based on…everything. So let’s just get to the vote and put them each out of their misery in some way.

Time to vote!

Of course, in these uncertain times, Ziggy pulls out her idol. And despite Pete’s warnings to play it for Michelle, she plays it for herself. Was it a waste of an idol? Merely flushing it out? We shall see

Time to read the votes!

Michelle. Sarah. Sarah. Sarah. Sarah. Sarah. Awe, that’s enough. She’s out. Ziggy did indeed waste her idol, but better to safe than sorry, and now there’s no more pesky idols floating about. It’s fair game! And there’s only 7 left. But we’re only at like day 45/46 and there’s 10 days to go. OMG. I feel like Channel Ten is gonna mess with us soon with a “nobody is going home!” twist to stretch this out, but we shall see. Until tomorrow!