Australian Survivor Recap: Episode 19

Once the fallout of Henry’s vote has settled, Luke is getting preeeetty comfy with his position in the tribe. So that of course gives me automatic anxiety. Luckily he has his spy shack set-up so he can listen in on peoples’ conversations and gain some much-needed intel. The opportunity arises when Tessa and Ziggy head to the water well, and start strategising together once again. With their combined forces, they want Jericho out. The #ChampagneAlliance is no more in Luke’s eyes. Which is fine because he is a “beer man” anyway. hahahaha.

Then we hear a bit from Michelle who is very solid in who she is working with and knows where she’s going. Unlike Sarah, who is busy aligning with everyone. I sort of know what Michelle’s point is until she opines that she wouldn’t play like that and be “fake” in all her relationships as if that makes her a better player than Sarah…buuuut…that’s how you gotta play. You should be less obvious about it, that’s all. Also, Sarah proposing a new “all-girls'” alliance “with Pete and without Tara” made me roll my eyes for obvious reasons. And also, why is she setting up another one?! I don’t get it? What advantage does she see *right now* to flip on her otherwise solid (majority) alliance?

Reward Challenge

No, Wait, Immunity Challenge?

Did I miss something here? Isn’t there normally a reward on Sundays? Did I nap through it? I had 3 hours of sleep last night so it’s very possible that I just passed the fuck out. Anyway, the players have to balance an idol statue on a pole and continue to add pieces to the pole at regular increments. If it falls, you’re out. Duh. Also can we go back to fun challenges maybe? It’s only been endurance ones since the merge, other than the auction. Let’s ration these out a bit. Everyone makes it past the first portion to make their pole bigger, if you will. Alas, it looks pretty windy and soon-to-be-rainy, so their poles are gonna get all wet. Which will make the challenge more difficult due to grip, obviously. Time to add to the poles again. Everyone still in it. And then another pole section is quickly added. Surely someone is about to drop out? The damn things are 3 metres in the air! Finally, Jericho and Tara are out, followed soon by Locky and Michelle. And Tessa. Okay calm down guys. Oh, there goes Sarah too! Jesus I should wait 30 seconds before I finish typing my sentence. THIS IS LIVE RECAPPING GUYS, DEAL WITH IT. Pete drops out too. It’s down to Luke and Ziggy. She already has a win under her belt and Lukey needs this one I think. DAMMIT. There’s a gust of wind and he can’t save his idol. He’s out. Now I’ll be anxious for the whole rest of the episode.

It seems that right now, only Ziggy is safe from the vote. Now that they’ve lost their boo Henry, Tara, Locky and Ziggy want to target Sarah. I think maybe they are in with a chance in convincing Tessa and Pete to join them in this vote? OR NOT. It seems Tessa and Pete still want to vote Locky out, so they are sticking with the #ChampagneAlliance. Which doesn’t help much if Luke no longer trusts them. Assuming he does, they will all split their votes between Locky and Tara and then Locky on the re-vote in case a surprise idol comes to play. Okay, I’m hoping this happens, but Michelle’s cocky attitude and assuredness about this vote means that I’m S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D. Aaaand it seems I have reason to be. Apparently this is the fake plan. Luke is indeed done with the #ChampagneAlliance and wants Tessa out. She’s kinda on the bottom of the alliance, so she’s willing to play with various people and switch things up, and therefore for Luke, she’s the ultimate threat. She’s not afraid to make moves, and eventually she will make a move against him. She’s no dummy. As another added layer, Luke is opting not to tell Michelle in case she runs to Tessa. Holy shitballs. She will not like that.

I think Tessa is the smartest vote for Luke…I think. I’m a bit confused because there are 8000 people with their names on the chopping block tonight, but I’m pretty sure.

Tribal Council

Hahahahaha poor Henry rocks up wearing his immunity idol. He seems pretty proud though and owning his own stupidity, so good on him. The essence of this tribal is people finally realising that no vote is ever simple and complacency will bite you in the ass. Welcome to the game, guys! Also I want them all to realise that Big Moves are great when they are needed/work but there’s no need to make one for the sake of making one for your “resum√©”. Calm down. Not that I’m biased, but I think Luke has excelled at this so far – it doesn’t always work, but when it does, it’s super impactful. There’s a bit of Boston Rob in him right? Just kinda like seems like he’s gone rogue but is more contemplative and quietly strategic than people would give him credit for because he’s so jokey all the time.

Time to vote!

Time to read votes!

Locky. Tara. Locky. Tara. Sarah. Sarah. Tessa. Ahhhh. Tessa. She knows. It’s Tessa.

Poor Tessa. She actually did so wonderfully well considering how shitty her position in this game was all those weeks ago. She played solidly and got out of some stick situations and she did great in challenges – she hustled. But it was her time to go. Tara and Locky are safe again…! And Michelle is PISSED. And she is definitely the type to fly off the handle and play emotionally instead of rationally and I don’t think she’ll be able to contain herself.

Okay, so now that’s done…how long have we got to go? 3 people have to this week then next week right, bringing us down to 3, so it all has to wrap up soon? I just need to know when I will have my Sundays back essentially. Hah.

Image: Tenplay