The world today feels…different somehow. You can sense it right? There’s a more vibrant glow in the light. The crisp air is crisper and fresher than any other day. It’s like everything is clearer, more vivid, brighter somehow. And above all, there’s an overwhelming joyful vibe permeating all our collective senses. And on Twitter.

It’s happening.

Or, it has happened.

And They’re here.

Or, nearly here.

Our Queen is on the cusp of bringing two more blessed lives into this world and we are all the more better for it. There will be not one but TWO more incredible little beings that will delight us and dazzle us and, yeah, probably look down on us with endearing disdain. Seriously! Look at how much happiness, awe and wonder Blue Ivy has already bestowed upon us. From her adorable dance recital to her mispronunciation of “Beyoncé” to saving James Corden’s ass at the Grammys with his weak-ass skit while also blowing him off and refusing a handshake…she’s going to be the leader of the Free World one day and I, for one, cannot wait. In the meantime though, we get to see her being an adorable and probably charmingly domineering older sister (the best type to be) (yes I am the oldest sibling).

And no, I do not have any name predictions. Yes, I have accurately predicted not one, but two, royal baby names in the past few years (I see you George Alexander and Charlotte Elizabeth Diana), INCLUDING middle names (I must be able to use this power for good/gain right?!), but I would never dare presume to predict what one Miss Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter will do, ever, let alone what she will name her offspring. So no predictions from me. I await her announcement patiently like the pleb nobody that I am and I will be ready only when she is. This is a woman who conceived and carried twins to be born as GEMINIS, a horoscope name literally meaning “twins”. I mean. Bow down.

In case there were any doubts, I will definitely cry as soon as I find out about The Beybies being birthed into this fiery shitstorm of a planet. Shit, I’m on the verge of tears right now because my entire being feels ON EDGE. This Event is the only thing keeping me distracted by my latest obsession (Dan Levy) that assaulted me violently and suddenly two weeks ago and culminated in this exchange with the man himself. (Seriously though all I do is watch Schitts Creek and Dan Levy YouTube videos now – I’ve seen the entire series – all three seasons worth – three times over now in the span of two weeks. Yes, I have problemsssss!)


Sending allllll the love and light and good vibes to the Carters! I mean, I am at all times anyway, but especially at this time. I can’t wait to bask in the glory of the Beybies and be SCALPED and SHOOK and FEEL ALL OF THE THINGS and EVERY SUPERLATIVE EVER. From my recollection, the Empire State Building was flooded in blue light the night Blue was born so they better be ready to go and one-up themselves at a moment’s notice.

Images: Courtesy of @beyonce