The way to what you ask? THE WAY TO GOOD-ASS HAIR LEMME TELL YOU.

I am just writing today to let y’all know that I finally got my hands on some hair products from Ouai. I have been gagging to try them for forever after seeing everyone from Nicole Richie’s crew (you know the celebulites I mean right? They have actual real jobs, but they’re almost celebs and they are always at parties like the socialites they are. I say this with zero shade by the way because I love all of them. From the sisters Foster, my beloved Kelly Oxford, Jamie Best-Friends-With-The-Sisters-Foster, Katherine Power, etc.) AND CHRISSY DAMN TEIGEN using them/raving about them on my IG timeline every damn day.

The hype was real and the hype was deserved. Jen Atkin (Kim Kardashian’s hairstylist, but don’t hold it against her – she’s been voted the most influential hairstylist in the world by the NYT) created the range and I’ve become so obsessed and am so feeling my hair that I’m kind of excited to wash it and style it again (i.e. the two jobs I usually avoid all week when I can help it) just so that I can have a play.

One of my favourite humans on earth (let’s call her “A”) recently went to the US and brought me back the two products I have been lusting after forever. Unfortunately…they only seem to be available on net-a-porter for us Aussies, so I’m even more eternally grateful to A. Sephora offer a limited selection, but not these particular ones WHICH IS A MASSIVE BUMMER AND FAIL BECAUSE THEY ARE THE MOST POPULAR AND I’VE ALREADY BECOME ADDICTED. Why so obsessed? You know that messy-textured-wavy-natural look that is trending and will always be trending from 2010 until forever because it looks so amazing and yet is so difficult to achieve? You know, the one every single social influencer seems to have nailed and you just can’t seem to replicate? Well, Ouai products help you get that. It’s like magic. AND it smells good.

Texturising Hair Spray

I used this on Saturday for the first time as I was attending wedding – and was really bloody excited by the results. It was a recipe for disaster as well: it was hot and set outdoors (opportunity for humidity and sweat = high); my keratin has worn off (hair = frizz central); and I had no time for washing/drying/styling other than a couple of hours before the event itself. Normally, I’m a wash-the-day-before kinda gal as I hate the look and feel of super clean hair. It’s slippery, it doesn’t hold curls/waves and it goes kinda fluffy i.e. very, very shit. So I was a bit worried about getting my hair nice in such a limited time frame. But I persevered against all odds, and even though my hair was still sort of damp when I curled it (cardinal sin), I then flipped my hair and sprayed this stuff in it. I waited ten minutes with bated breath for the hair to set and cool. I combed the curls out. And what did I have? I HAD DECENT BLOODY NOT-CLEAN-LOOKING WAVES, THAT’S WHAT. It was like magic. But better yet…they lasted all day and well into the night. Hell, they’ve lasted two more days since then and my hair still feels nice and not like hair spray normally makes it feel.

Like a cross between dry shampoo, conditioner, and texturising volume powder.

Wave Spray

This is a similar product, but less hold-y. You know? A gentle mist gives you easy-breezy textured waves but with less of a gritty texture. But the hairspray isn’t that gritty anyway. Whatever, IT IS DIVINE. I think it’s their most popular product too. It smells heavenly and seems totally weightless so you’re not weighed down with product i.e. you can extend your washes almost as long as you want but gives hair more definition than freshly washed hair usually allows.

Like…magic fairy mist that makes your boring hair…better.

Happily, it looks like ALL of us can buy their products from here. You’re welcome. Enjoy. Show me if you use them. Only your hair tho, nothing suss. Your HEAD hair.

Staring directly into the sun with my eyes almost all-the-way closed but look! Hair! Non-frizzy, non-fluffy, hair!

Next on my wishlist:

  1. Dry Shampoo Foam
  2. Soft Mousse
  3. Finishing Crème

Images: ME (duh). Oh, and <3