Behold, The Queen

I had a whole other post written, recapped as I watched The Grammys, but then Album Of The Year was announced and I realised, again, that it was a load of fucking bullshit and they don’t deserve any words. Instead, I want to revisit every moment of Her glory today.

And for the record, others have said and will continue to say it better than I ever could, so.

Finally, no hate to Adele. In fact, I called it months ago, that she would give up AOTY if she won it over Bey. Watch her do just that here. She is a stan like the rest of us and she KNEW that ‘Lemonade’ was a holistic, raw, emotional, honest, important masterpiece that deserved to win. It was not only the best album of the last year but one of the best of all time. Shit, Adele was wearing a “lemon” broach pinned to her dress and pointed to it shouting “LEMONADE!!!” throughout the entire night and when she broke that Grammy to give to Beyoncé, I fist-pumped. But the headlines that have come out of it “Adele praises Beyoncé when accepting the Grammy for AOTY!” “Adele shouts out Beyoncé in her speech!” etc. etc. are bullshit. She declined to accept the award and acknowledged its rightful recipient. Her speech afterwards was also a particular highlight (she goes for it one minute in): Adele Backstage Interview and wonders what Beyoncé has to do to fucking win. Other #woke highlight: “The Grammys are very traditional but I thought this would be the year that they kind of go with the tide.” They didn’t.

I hope Beyoncé is finally done with them now. I hope she never returns to the Grammys stage and I hope they all stop fucking using her for ratings and getting her to perform a beyond masterful showcase that nobody else ever comes close to, and then screwing her over. They. Don’t. Deserve. Her.

P.S. If you’re not “into” Beyoncé or familiar with a single song off Lemonade or think she’s overrated or wish she “wouldn’t make everything about race” or think it’s funny to mock her pregnancy pictures or unironically refer to yourself as “Becky with the good hair”, I don’t care for your thoughts or opinions (or trust them), nor do I wish to discuss any of the above with you. I don’t care if you “get” it or not. It’s not for you. You don’t have to get it and nobody is obligated to explain it to you. So spare me. Leave me and the Beyhive in peace.