Second Stop: Londontown

Just being real here, Dubai was hot as a bitch so I was even happier than I normally would have been to touch down in my beloved London. Cool, cool, fresh, autumnal London. As a cold weather-loving, sweater-wearing, individual I was borderline delirious by the time we got to our gorgeous townhouse in Chelsea. And that was before I had any inkling one of the greatest moments of my life was only days away from occurring. Talk about a hook huh? If we’re friends on Facebook or you follow my Instagram you probably have an inkling of what this may be already but for the other 5 of you – stay tuned!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. As I was saying, I loved our townhouse apartment. On a quiet street just steps to Fulham Road, our apartment actually spread over two levels with a huge leafy courtyard and quickly became home for my bestie and I. Airbnb came through with the goods again. Not to mention the fact that our other bestie (hey B!) also happened to be travelling to London in the same week (it was quite a 4-hour adventure trying to find her in the city with sketchy-to-no wifi and no mobile service in the middle of touristtown mind you, but we DID find her – under the London Eye – so romantic), it was shaping up to be a damn good week in one of my favourite cities on Earth.

As I said, first stop was hitting the main tourist spots. Yes, we’d both been there before, but something about being in these cities just draws you to these famous landmarks and we were happy to go with it. We started with Buckingham Palace (I was sure the crew were back from their Canadian trip but still no sign of George at all – the only Royal worth watching for. Okay, fine, or Harry), then Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and over to the Eye. Which we rode. Again. We located our mate and headed on over to Borough Market. Sorry, let me be more specific. We headed over to the Bread Ahead stall located in Borough Market and bought the most delicious donuts I’ve ever had the pleasure of consuming – again. Oh, THE DONUTS. I didn’t even bother trying a new thing (because, ew, the unknown) and had the burnt caramel with honeycomb. If you head down, also be sure to grab a cheese and olive breadstick, because carbs and cheese. A jug of Pimms later and Sarah and I departed so we could prepare for our first musical experience – Aladdin.

We put on our most fabulous outfits, slapped our faces full of makeup, grabbed a cab and headed on our way at an extremely anti-climactic turtle-like speed to make the show on time. We unfortunately were one minute late but that meant no crowds (yay!) and a quick ticket pick-up (YAY!) so who were the real losers here? The lame early arrivals  (who were spared the anxiety of peak hour traffic and were seated on time) or us (who barely exhaled for the entire cab ride stressing about the potential humiliation of making our way through rows upon rows of seats to find our own – ok fine, that was just me)? LOL, it was us. But not because of all of the above points I have already worried about. But for a brand new reason that never even crossed my mind! Because we had the wrong damn night. The poor dude at the box office had no idea how deeply he was crushing our hearts when he laughed and told us to check our tickets and try again tomorrow aka the correct date.

I mean sure, it’s funny now, but I cannot tell you how buzzed on “A Whole New World” endless singalongs we were by that point. So we went and had dinner in Soho instead. Night saved. We also returned on the following evening and got our damn LIVES when we finally got to see the show. If Aladdin is on anywhere near you and you have even the slightest fond Disney memories, please go and watch it. You’ll be scalped, but you’ll love every damn second of it.

Day 2 and it was time to hit Portobello Road (I know, I still hadn’t been to Cos by this stage and yet I was carrying on with my life just fine – who knew it was possible?). About this day let me just say this:

I am so grateful we woke up early and made breakfast at home in our pjs.

I am so grateful our friend B was late to meet us at our apartment.

I am so grateful she made us wait til her phone was charged to 80% before we left the house.

I am so grateful we decided to just grab a cab to head to Notting Hill.

I am so grateful we stopped at a jewellery store and that I flirted with the guy that worked there long enough to get a brilliant deal on not one, but two, gorgeous rings.

I am so grateful I remembered the great bakery I went to last year and headed there with the girls when we got really hungry.

I am so grateful all these things happened when they did because it turned out that our timing was beyond perfect and brought me to that bakery exactly for the moment I needed to be there.

Because as we sat and waited for our purchases (COFFEE), I noticed a man walking down the road towards us (I was perfectly placed with a view up the street). Did I mention it was a very sexy man? It was a very sexy man. My friend B at this point was worried about me because my eyes bugged out of my head and my hand started to shake when this man walked right into the bakery and I realised it was Taylor Kitsch himself.

Pause for reaction.

TAYLOR. FUCKING. KITSCH. Aka Tim Riggins aka Texas Forever aka “clear eyes full hearts can’t lose” aka #1 on my Top 5 for the last 7 years or so. I know, I couldn’t believe it either. And just as he was about to walk out (he was with a friend btw – a dude, not a gf) and about to leave, I managed to find words and ask him for a pic (see below). We actually had our arms around each other and he liked my name and it was all very beautiful (and brief) but perfect. I am still so gushy about it and it was days ago. Not embarrassed about it tho. No shame. None. (Also great time to let you know that I once did an entire blog post comprising only of about 30 images of Taylor Kitsch on my old blog and to this day it continues to be the most-read blog I’ve done of all time, and continues to grow. Just like my love and affection for Taylor himself). Oh, and then we went to Cos. So. Good effing day.

Yes I cropped myself out of it (not my best) but there he is. Swoon.
And there he is as my #1 TV boo, Tim Riggins. You see why I was obsessed.

I mean, after that lil experience, the holiday had to go downhill right? It did not! Because the day after THAT, my bestie indulged me with a trip to Locanda Locatelli so I could knock it off my bucket list (where it has been since I watched ‘Pure Italian’ on the Lifestyle channel in 2002). What can I say? It was a stunning meal. We got pasta, of course, paired with brilliant wine, bucketloads of fresh bread and finished with the most perfect espresso martini I’ve ever enjoyed in my life.

Capellacchi with lemon creme and pork ragu, the greatest espresso martini of my life, chocolate fondant and milk ice cream, bresaola. Not pictured: zucchini fries. If you ever go, GET THOSE.

I’m sure there was a bunch more that happened but these are definitely the highlights so don’t even worry, you haven’t missed anything. I got you. Stay tuned for my Parisian adventures and a narrowed down list of 8000 autumn-themed selfies in the most stunning location on earth. Gripping, I know.