Gimme Face

When it comes to tried and tested products, I have done ’em all in the quest of dewy, fresh, non-shiny, natural-looking slap. These 5 products have stayed with me since First Use. Sure, I’ve delved  into other brands and I’ve bought almost any other shiny new thing that’s come my way but I always come back to these.

In my (obviously well-versed and highly respected) opinion, there’s nothing more universally flattering for an eternally fresh look (even when you’ve caked that shit on) than these offerings from my mates Bobbi, Francois, Laura M and Benefit. Below is also the order of application, just FYI.

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Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder

As soon as I’ve finished my eyes and my base (foundation, corrector, concealer – in that order) I set it all with a very light dusting of Laura M’s beautiful translucent powder. If you’re after a more natural, dewy look, that is still long-lasting, this is the finishing product for you. Doesn’t mattify so much as just ‘sets’ it and provides longevity. Couple this with a good primer and you’re good for an entire work day, maybe even followed by a cheeky drink or two (or four or five).

Nars Laguna Bronzer

Maaaaaate. Francois Nars was certainly onto a winner when he created this cult favourite. The perfect buildable bronzer works beautiful as a light wash over the whole face or a more defined ‘3’ shape on the high points (swipe from forehead/hairline-top of cheek bones-jawline). Best part about it is: NO SHIMMER! Just a nice sunkissed touch. Alternatively: if you have dry skin and you’re not into powder bronzer, there is also a liquid version of it which looks diviiiiine mixed in with your regular foundation and applied as you normally would.

Nars Orgasm Blush

He does it again. The universally-flattering Orgasm is renowned because it is the best. This pinky-peachy-slightly shimmery gem works no matter what the rest of your face looks like. Pink lippy? Check. Coral gloss? Check. Nude lip, smoky eye? Check check. Nars is great at pairing it with their other classics as well – currently loving this compact (Orgasm + Hot Sand, a really pretty goldy highlighter) and highly recommend this classic duo if you want Laguna AND Orgasm. You’re welcome! Bonus: this also comes in liquid illuminator form and looks equally as dazzling mixed with foundation for an ever-so-slight all-over glow.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Pink Quartz

Swooooon. I still remember when I first stumbled onto this baby. It’s a powder highlighter, yes, but without the cakey-ness and glitter. Applied with a small blush brush on the top of the cheekbones, brow bone, cupid’s bow and down the centre of the nose, it catches the light in the most deeelightful way. Every time I’ve travelled with girlfriends my shimmer brick becomes a communal asset as everyone becomes addicted to their glowy, selfie-friendly skin. I’m such a good person.

Benefit Brow Zings

Of course, amidst all the shimmer and shine, you need to anchor the brows, the frame of the entire face. In my humble (hah!) opinion, this is the best tool for it. There are soooo many brow products now, but this has been a mainstay for many years, and for good reason(s). With a pigmented wax to shape the brows and a complimentary powder to ‘set’ the wax and give a natural look, it’s pretty much your full kit. Literally – it comes with tweezers and TWO brushes to apply the two corresponding products. Benefit have also just re-launched this product with new packaging and a bunch of extra shades, which were sorely needed. Now I officially have no complaints – I barely know what to do with myself. I also set everything with a brow gel to brush all the product through and keep my ladies in check, but that’s optional I reckon.

Et voila! I promise each of these will be trusted, faithful mainstays in your kits if you so desire. And, um, that doesn’t come with a guarantee or anything. If you’re not happy I would recommend donating all unwanted products to me. I would like an everlasting supply of each of these very, very much.

Images: Mecca, Beautylish, Benefit, Sephora