The Search For An Amazinger Face

So if you know me well or have simply met me once, you probably know that I completely adore Zoe Foster Blake and every single thing she does, and have done so for a very long time.

She’s a fabulously talented fiction and non-fiction author; the impressive founder of Go-To Skincare; and most importantly (to me), a font of beauty knowledge. Truly, she’s the only reason I know anything about what to put on my face/in my hair to look acceptable enough to leave the house on a daily basis. Who knew a ‘daytime smoky eye’ could be so damn fast, easy AND entertaining? (Me, I did, because I’ve read her dang books).

She also passionately supports and encourages the success of other women, is obsessed with Survivor and appropriately idolises Beyoncé – i.e. we could be great friends.

Zoe is also outrageously generous with her time and just, well, really bloody nice. Which is nice. She graciously agreed to let me interview her some time ago for my first writing gig and I couldn’t believe my luck (will post it here soon, just coz it is still pretty darn relevant and cute). I have also been lucky enough to meet her a couple of times – once after a 9 To Thrive event where she had given some genius career tips and advice to an enraptured room of ladies, and again on Saturday at The Langham Hotel for the launch of her latest book, Amazinger Face.


Amazinger Face is the latest updated version of Amazing Face (so clever) which was released a few years ago. I literally shove that book in peoples’ hands at book stores, discuss beauty hacks from it constantly and espouse the merits of reading it cover-to-cover to anyone who will listen. It. Is. That. Bloody. Good. And this one is even better. Revised with developments in beauty and skincare of the past few years, over 60+ pages of additional content and with a fancy new look, it is well worth your time.

Have you ordered it yet? Go on, I’ll wait.

It truly is a Beauty Bible and I can’t think of anything else as vast, entertaining and helpful that exists. From lips to tips, Zoe shares all the genius knowledge she acquired as a beauty editor at Harpers Bazaar, as well as her favourite brands and very specific product recommendations for all types of skin/hair/burgers (jokes. Maybe!). Do you know what type of moisturiser you should be using for your skin? Do you know if you suit blue or orange based reds? Do you know the correct order of skincare application for most effective results? Do you care? If you answered ‘yes’ to the last one, go and BUY IT.

Over time I’ve developed my own faves of course (I am a life-long beauty addict and can’t control my impulse buying in Mecca on payday so I’d like to think I also know a thing or two about which dry shampoo will eke out a blow dry to a full week – Batiste, obvs) but this book is great as a guide for when you are just LOST. When you’ve received 85 recommendations for the best primer to buy but also maybe don’t really know what it’s for, you turn to Amazinger Face and check to see what Zoe has already tried and tested. You can flip it open to the ‘Skin’ section and instantly see what brands provide an illuminating/colour-correcting/hydrating/whatever primer for what issue you need rectified. Then, you can simply pop in to a store and find exactly what you’re looking for without being too overwhelmed by choices and pushy sales assistants (and a wrist full of smudged swatches).

And THAT is the kind of stress-relieving Life Help that Amazinger Face so invaluably offers.

Go buy it already so we can discuss the ideal bronzer (Nars Laguna, duh) and perfect lip balm for super soft hydrated lips (hint: it’s Go-To’s Lips!, now with Pinky Nude tint) over a cheeky cocktail or two in the near future.