The Ultimate Mask

Buying and discovering a new makeup gem is literally one of the most gratifying experiences of life and a high that I chase too often for my incoming salary.

I will share these finds with anyone who asks/remotely ever mentions something resembling the topic to me (i.e. “I have a face-“). Also can I just say girls complimenting other girls on their makeup is the most beautiful way to start a friendship and lit-er-ally can make someone’s day. So don’t be shy ladies.

Below are my ultimate, life-changing, tried and tested Holy Grail skin/makeup products that I also find get the most enquiries and compliments so obviously I have to show them off. I tried to initially do a general “top 10” of, like, every product I love but that proved highly infeasible. Therefore, we start at base camp.

Moisturiser – First Aid Beauty: Ultra Repair Cream

This shit is magic. First recommended to me by a lovely-skinned lady who I trusted with upmost faith and I never looked back. I buy 2 pots every time I am in the U.S. but Adore Beauty now graciously stock it for us Aussies. It feels like whipped cream or some other such magical delight and completely disappears into your skin without any greasiness whatsoever, is hypoallergenic and yet mysteriously super hydrating and light at the same time. I DON’T GET IT. BUT I LOVE IT. Good for morning & night and any time in between.

Primer – Benefit: The Porefessional

It seems like priming is generally accepted and ‘done’ nowadays but I know a significantly large number of people who still miss this step. And if you’re using this product, it may seem like a slightly pricey step, but dayum it is so worth it (also if you buy it overseas you save a substantial amount!). Imagine a smoothing, pore-refining, skin-protecting barrier between your face and your foundation…PSYCH! YOU DON’T HAVE TO IMAGINE, IT EXISTS. Keeps foundation on soooo much longer (even in the disgusting humidity of an Australian summer) and keeps your precious face smooth. Just try.

Foundation – Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Foundation

Created by makeup artists for use under intense studio lights to last all day but still look *fresh*, this foundation dazzled me with its smooth application, easy wearability and non-cakey finish. I used to mix tinted moisturiser with a full-coverage foundation to achieve the same texture Studio Skin offers me on its own. It barely feels like you’re wearing anything at all but I am talking legit coverage here. Probably the question I am asked most often is what foundation I am wearing at the end of the day because it does.not.budge. (Why yes, if you caught it, that was indeed an ever-so-subtle humblebrag!)

Corrector – Napoleon Perdis “The One” Concealer

I honestly don’t even know how to explain this one. I don’t even get how it works. I just know it works. It’s a universally-flattering colour corrector that counteracts dark under eye circles but it works for ALL complexions?! Chalking this one up to ‘magic’ and moving right along.

Concealer – Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer

‘Industrial Strength’ is no joke. This creamy paste covers anything from your monthly-under-the-skin-pimple-mountain to bags under your eyes (over your corrector) perfectly. At first it’s kinda paste-y and it seems pretty intense but once you warm with your fingertips it melts into the delicate skin around the eyes too. I have probably used this product for like 10 years (give or take) and don’t plan on stopping now. If Benefit ever even give me the slightest whiff that they are thinking of discontinuing it, shit WILL go down. And I WILL buy every remaining container on the planet and hoard it for myself (I almost included the specific colour I will be hoarding in that sentence but then sneakily took it out so nobody can fight me for it. Basically an evil genius).

I hope that helped! I certainly enjoyed talking about things I enjoy putting on my face every day to make me look like a human. It used to be such a hassle trying to cover up the scales.

Images: Sephora, Grapevine Express & John Lewis